CamTESOL Regional ELT Research Grants Program
Call for Proposals for ASEAN Collaborative Research Grants
Deadline for submissions: 15 January 2018
Research Proposal
The research proposal (of no more than 800 words) should be organised under the following headings:
Title of Proposal / Project:*
1. Project Overview: Describe the need for your proposed research. It should establish the justification for the project. Explain why your idea is worth pursuing and explain what it will contribute to the field.*
2. Design and Methodology: Explain how your research will be conducted. Be sure to describe your intended research participants and the methods you plan to use.*
3. Draft Budget: Make a rough estimate of how you will use the grant money.*
4. Timetable for Completion: Indicate the timing of benchmarks for completing your project.*
5. Personnel: Indicate details of the researchers who will be involved in the project.*
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